Custom Word Development – Illustrations

Custom dialog boxes:

For a corporate letter. Features:

Letter Dialog 1

Resulting letter:

Sample Letter 1

Custom Letter dialog with more features:

Letter dialog 2

Custom formatting example – insert preformatted table:

Makes it easy to insert a formatted table that conforms to a branded design (rather than a default table that needs to be formatted manually):

Insert table dialog

Resulting table:

Formatted table sample

Custom features in Word 2007/Word 2010:

Custom Ribbon elements: These replace the custom toolbars used in Word 2003 and earlier:

Custom ribbon sample

Custom, preformatted styles easier to access: Styles can now be ordered by function, rather than alphabetically – making it easier to find the style you need:

Styles Gallery:

Quick styles gallery sample

Styles Pane:

Styles pane sample

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